Critical Mass

Critical mass is the point at which a change happens, the tipping point that causes a domino effect.

Critical mass is a mental model that helps you understand the tipping point for change. It's often used in business, but can be applied to many different areas of life and work.

When does a trend take off? What makes something go viral? Critical Mass can help answer these questions. Once you understand what critical mass is and how to use it, you can make changes more easily and achieve your goals faster.

What is critical mass?

Critical mass is the point at which a change happens. It's the tipping point that causes an avalanche or domino effect.

The term was first used in physics, but has been adopted by business and social scientists to explain how change happens.

There are two key components to critical mass:

  1. A trigger event
  2. A tipping point

The trigger event is the spark that starts the fire. It's the thing that sets off the chain reaction. And the tipping point is the point at which the change becomes irreversible.

Critical mass is often used in business to explain how a new product or service can become successful. It's also used to understand why some companies fail while others succeed.

The key to success is reaching critical mass. Once you reach critical mass, the change is self-sustaining and becomes hard to stop.

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